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Fidget Follow-Up: Can you fidget too much?

August 28, 2017 Comments Off on Fidget Follow-Up: Can you fidget too much?

Fidget Follow-Up:  Can you fidget too much?

In April of 2017 Fidget Spinners demand went through the roof and supply was limited.  It was a cultural phenomenon that took the world by storm.

But, was there more to the fad than meets the fidgeting eyes?   Perhaps so.

Researchers over at Fractus Learning did some digging and education on the subject and offered the bottom line result as follows: “Bottom line—if it helps the child focus, relax, and release, allow it. If the spinners are beginning to spin out of control, leave them for recess or settings other than the classroom.”

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Fidget Spinners continue in popularity and fun as new styles emerge.  The holiday season should see an increase in new options and ideas and as kids go back to school, the demand should pulse again and potentially be around forever for those with the education benefits as outlined in the article.

Clarity, focus, fun and educational benefits?  Yes!  Perhaps the perfect novelty toy the business has seen in years with benefits that can last a lifetime.

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