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History of the LED – unfolding the interesting traces of the evolution of LED

November 26, 2014 Comments Off on History of the LED – unfolding the interesting traces of the evolution of LED

The history of the LED traces back to 1907 when the British scientist Henry J. Round discovered the electroluminescence, in which a material or object emits light as a response to an electric field or an electric current passing through it. The light discovered by Mr. Round was quite dim, and the discovery itself was not bright enough to draw the attention of the researchers. Later on, in 1962, Nick Holonyak Jr. discovered the first visible spectrum of LED light. The light discovered by Nick was red in color, and for the first time, LED was used as the indicator light in the military services, and Nick was credited with the nickname – Father of the Light Emitting Diodes. M. George Craford further continued the research on LED, and gradually, it went on taking new forms.

In 1980s, more and brighter colors were included, and the super-bright LEDs came into being. Due to its cost efficiency, LED got much popularity quite dramatically. From 1990 onwards, the LEDs became the standard lights for various industrial applications. Today, the LEDs are used in a variety of applications. Truly speaking, the LEDs are replacing almost every type of conventional lighting systems. It appears that the conventional incandescent globes would soon be the history now.

history of LED

Today, be it a festive celebration, or any other celebrations or ceremonies such as the wedding, inauguration of an event, birthday parties, anniversaries, annual functions, and social gatherings etc; they are all incomplete without the use of LED light decorations. With the passage of time, various and multicolor decorative lights have been invented to escalate the grandeur of decoration. The decorative LED lights such as the LED Flexi Light Strips have become highly popular, and you can find them wherever the decorative lighting is a part of decoration.

Whether you wish to get the LED Flexi strips with single, double, or multicolor; you have all the alternatives available in the market at quite competitive prices. Also, you can find the LED Flexi Strips with varying strip length. Capable of escalating the grandeur of the atmosphere to greater heights, these LED Flexi Strips are quite convenient to install. Also, they are very cost effective in the sense that they do not consume much energy. You may explore the wonder world of LEDs at the If you desire to receive the visual pleasure of LEDs and share the captivating visuals to your friends, you may click

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