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Light up your weekend get together with glow partysupplies

November 29, 2014 Comments Off on Light up your weekend get together with glow partysupplies

The ways that people are using glow and light up items for parties is increasing everyday.  Nope, light up and glow is not just for birthday parties anymore – now you it at dance parties, music concerts, bachelorette parties, sporting events and even weddings. 

So the next time you have people over, add a little fun with light up and glow.  Here’s a few items that will work great to set the mood and get the fun started:

When your serving your guests snacks or drinks, why not use our Led Trays?  Making a pitcher of sangria or margarita? Put it in a Light Up Pitcher.

Want to turn any drink into a conversation starter? Serve it in our light up Soda Glass, Martini Glass, or Pint Glass.  Take it all even further by adding out Glow Straws and Multi colored Lighted Cubes

There’s so many more ways you can kick up the fun at your party by adding light up and glow items. Click here to download our Glow Party Hot Sheet for more ideas.

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