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LED Decoration Tube

New LED Decoration Tubes HAVE ARRIVED!

  Virginia Toy & Novelty is proud to announce the NEWEST products to arrive in our warehouse! The All-New LED Decoration Tubes – available in Semi-Transparent or White, are sure to grab everyone’s attention! See them both in action below. [...]

March 8, 2017 Did you know?, VTN News

Exclusive Birthday Planning Ideas

This is one day your child eagerly waits for. The birthday has always been a special occasion for any child and their birthday birth day parties are what they look forward to. So how do you make your kid’s party [...]

December 2, 2014 Did you know?, Interesting things

Toys today from the ancient Greeks.

Everything has a history, our toys, games & sports too. Games & sports activities from ancient Greek are remarkably similar to ours. Greek kids played with hoops & rattles. They also played games like modern basketball and hockey. We know [...]

August 21, 2014 Did you know?

4th of July: American Independence

The American Revolution, also known as the American War of Independence rose from growing tensions between residents of Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies and the colonial government, which represented the British crown.  This revolution lasted from 1775- 1783. By [...]

June 25, 2014 Did you know?, History of Stuff
How Fireworks works

How Fireworks Work

One world, so many cultures, but the traditional way to celebrate happiness is common in many countries. Fireworks is one of the ways and any celebration is incomplete without them! British people celebrate the victory of their favorite football team [...]

April 30, 2014 Did you know?, Interesting things

Fundraising tips and ideas

If you have got a noble cause, and need to plan a fundraising ideas for it, we are here to help you with all the tips and ideas essential to make your fundraiser a success. Follow these tips and see [...]

January 29, 2014 Did you know?

Secrets to Throwing a Successful Glow Party!

Secrets. We’re going to reveal our secrets about how to throw an amazing glow party! Read on… The ongoing craze of theme based parties is increasing day by day. May it be birthday parties or Halloween parties or even Thanksgiving [...]

December 21, 2013 Did you know?

Discovering Agritourism

Hey city slickers… don’t hesitate to visit the beautiful country side anymore. Sign up for an exciting journey to the magnificent country side and discover your country like you have never before. A new addition to the travelling industry, agritourism [...]

October 31, 2013 Did you know?

Corn maze- Fun with the entire family

Children and adults of all ages absolutely love corn mazes. Whether you’re 5 or 55, navigating a corn maze offers a challenging and fun adventure that inspires creativity and teamwork. There’s something about these interactive pedestrian puzzles that really captures [...]

October 22, 2013 Did you know?

Pumpkin Carving Tips

What’s Halloween without a carved pumpkin? A perfectly carved pumpkin gives it a ghastly ghoul look, a vital part of Halloween.  Pumpkin carving  isn’t just for kids. It can be an art, and can create some pretty charming decorations. Nothing says [...]

October 18, 2013 Did you know?