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Glow Party Theme

October 6, 2014 Comments Off on Glow Party Theme

There’s an art to arranging and throwing a good party. One that can entertain all the different types of people that could be there.  It isn’t the easiest task after all to encourage people to stay and relax and to mingle.

Well, our favorite party theme has to be the Glow Party – a consistent crowd pleaser and still a “Glowing” trend!  And of course, it’s no secret – KIDS LOVE GLOW PARTIES.  But a Glow Party theme can be very classy and funky at the same time, that’s the beauty of it.  Glow can be used at parties to satisfy all kinds of mood requirements, from pulsing and bouncing to mellow, romantic or sophisticated moods. And another neat thing is that Glow and Light Up items are a great way to break down social barriers and help people shine (pun intended!).  It’s a natural mingle inducer.  Glow can be great to identify couples and groups but it’s even better when it brings together strangers to get to know one another.

Glow Party

Virginia Toy & Novelty has all the Glow Party supplies you need from Glow Sticks  to Fiber Optic Centerpieces to Glow Forks and Spoons (click here to shop).  And we’ve made throwing a Glow Party easy with our WeGlow Party Kit (available here).  It includes everything you you need to throw an awesome glow party for 8 people.  And don’t’ forget, find all kinds of fun at our online store:

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