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Flashing Fedoras

September 11, 2013 Comments Off on Flashing Fedoras

For years, the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself, rocked the fedora.  Even Sean P. Diddy, Puff Daddy Combs showed some love for the fedora hat recently.   So why not you?


Have you ever had the urge to wear your favorite Fedora to a party, but then changed your mind thinking it seemed an inappropriate party accessory. Well, now you can take this Fedora hat to any party and it would make you the star instantly.

This sophisticated hat has undergone complete transformation and we have turned it into a funky party accessory.  Over decades of style, the Fedora was a hat worn by the gangsters, businessman, and was also seen in several popular movies back in 1930. And since then, the Fedora’s have always been in fashion, be it for men or women.


Considering the popularity of the fedora hat, Virginia Toy and Novelty Company gave a different twist to the famous Fedora, by adding bright LED lights, adding a fun flashy element to it. The Light up Fedora hats, are an exciting and unique addition to the same old party wear, which would amaze you and your friends, and you will end up having a great time at any party. This is the hat you wear if you want to be seen!

Available in different colors, you can mix and match them up with your costumes, and come up with a new look every time. The LED light up fedoras have 10 bright long lasting LED’s which will light up your attire and set the mood for any party.  Batteries are included and interchangeable.

These spectacular hats can be worn by practically anyone. Age is not the limit for these hats, all you do need is the excitement and enthusiasm in you and the hat will fit right in to your personality.  Oh, and a pen to sign autographs of all your adoring fans!

Fedora is rightly called, everyman’s hat. So hurry up and add some color to your wardrobe, available in multiple colors, these Fedora hats won’t disappoint you.

Not convinced?  Here is a brief video of the Fedora hats in action.

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