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Houston, We’ve Got Grip!

May 2, 2013 Comments Off on Houston, We’ve Got Grip!
Grip Ball Sword - Star Wars Light Saber

Houston, We’ve Got Grip!

Ok, not quite the Apollo 13 phrase we all know and love, but nonetheless, important for this blog.  Read on….

Swords continue to be among the top selling items month after month.  Recently, Virginia Toy and Novelty Company created an amazing light up toy for the industry and we want to tell you more about it.  Sometimes referred to as just glow toys, these are substantially more amazing.

The Grip Ball Sword is named so because of the neat technology we call “grip”.  So what is this grip technology all about?  It’s a soft rubber-like surface coating on the plastic of particular products.  Commonly used in high end electronic devices, the inventors here at VTN have integrated the technology into our light up sword product line, making Apple iPhone 5 designers jealous!

What’s so good about these illuminated weapons of nominal destruction?   They are sturdy, durable and high end souvenir quality.   For our reseller customers, you can confidently sell these light up swords to the audiences of your choice including the International Fan Club of Lighted Swords (IFCLS).  Ok, we confess, this club doesn’t exist but it should after experiencing the light up swords of the century?

Furthermore, the grip material makes the item easier to hold on to and fun to play with. They are sure to delight your fair, carnival, festival audience or even the Queen of England.  The crystal flashing ball at the bottom provides a bright, colorful, broad spectrum light show.  This sword is colorful and fun.  Get out the popcorn, the embedded video will show you more details.

No matter what you call them… swords, light sabers, lightsabers, illuminated geek toys, flashing swords, glow swords, lighted swords, light up swords, lights swords, or whatever!  They are great light up toys and you should check out this new grip style.  You can find them at our website, by searching for item # 12SWG2.  Have a look and buy immediately to be ready for your next Star Wars Convention.

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