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An Ice-Cream That Glows In Dark

April 23, 2014 Comments Off on An Ice-Cream That Glows In Dark
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When someone does something innovative in the field of physics, biology or technology, the world calls him scientist. How cool would it be if anyone who did something innovative in any field could be called a scientist?




Since the world does not call Charlie Harry a scientist, he decided to call himself an “experimental ice creamist”. You must be wondering what is so special about the thing that is getting him attention. Harry has created an ice-cream that can glow in the dark!

In the past, Harry also made flammable sprinkles, edible mist, even ice cream made from a fire extinguisher.

Using an ingredient that that is not available in any local ice cream shop, Harry created a glow-in-the-dark ice cream that lights up when you lick it. For those who are wondering what the secret ingredient is, it is synthesized jellyfish protein. Harry says:

“I love when people think it contains jellyfish!  It doesn’t.  It contains a synthesized version of the luminescence protein.”

Right now this ice-cream is only available in lemon flavor and vanilla flavor. However, it will soon be available in many flavors. Harry says, “You could even have it jellyfish flavor if you wanted to.”

The ice-cream should be available in the near future after it goes through the approval process.

Are you eager to taste such ice-cream? Share your expectations with us.

(Source: Yahoo News. Article by David Miller)

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