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Arcades of the Future

August 24, 2013 Comments Off on Arcades of the Future
arcade of future

Remember arcades and the fun memories attached to them. Arcades might be on the decline now, but once upon a time, if you wanted to play the most recent and most interesting games, you had to get up, leave the house and make your way to an arcade. The decline of the arcade industry is fundamentally because of the ever developing home game technology. The advent of technology made these traditional gaming machines a liability and inconvenient. Cheap and updated computers with superb graphics were a delight to play on, rather than the outdated and expensive arcades.


In Japan, some arcade gaming has been replaced by the term ‘Gamebars’ and is becoming a fast growing business worldwide.  These gamebars repurpose the in home arcade industry with the use of classic games and consoles.   These game bar establishments use classic consoles in a fun atmosphere.


The potential of arcade games definitely exists in interactive and a new kind of gaming experience.  How can this industry offer a solution that fans cannot duplicate at home?   Technology is the answer. Expect to see soon ultra realistic gaming effects, more 4D experiences, increased use of touchscreens and motion sensors, and intense 360 degree axis motion which are taking the gaming experience to an entirely next level.  In game physical effects and motion sensoring seem to be the brightest on the horizon.

The exciting new additions in the traditional way of arcade gaming will definitely bring them out of their declining phase and make them popular again. Technologies such as these can compel people to come out of their houses, leaving their personal computers and game consoles behind and engage in out of home gaming. Losing the traditional image of arcade might be difficult but it’s not impossible. With the new technologies transforming the face of arcade gaming, it might experience the same golden age it did before.


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