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Capes- Every day is a Superhero Day

August 26, 2013 Comments Off on Capes- Every day is a Superhero Day

What do Batman, Superman, and Captain Marvel have in common? Their capes of course! The capes have become so much part of their personality, that now the image of a mere cape is associated with the qualities of a superhero.    Although, the capes have been out of fashion for superheroes lately, their value has still not diminished.

The cape has always exerted a mysterious and magical appeal. Not just the superheroes, but in fairytales too, the prince (a girl’s superhero) comes in wearing a cape. The capes have become such a popular part of the superhero costume, that back in the day the capes in the costume kit came with a warning that the capes did not give the user the ability to fly. The dictionary describes cape as a sleeveless garment of different lengths, fastened around the neck and falling loosely from the shoulders. But to a true superhero fan, the cape is not merely a piece of garment but has got a heroic stature attached to it.capes adults kids

Not just kids, but even adults find the concept of cape fascinating. These capes are available in the market for both adults and kids. It gives a sense of power and   confidence. So now a days there is a new trend of making capes for sick children to give them strength and confidence to fight the illness and make them feel like a superhero. If this is the power of just a cape, then it would not be wrong to say that it does really have superhero powers. The power of a cape has been used to motivate adults too, in unemployment office, where these capes were distributed.

Although, the real purpose of the cape is served when we see the smiling faces of the children pretending to fly with their capes hung around their back.

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