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Flash that Smile

September 6, 2013 Comments Off on Flash that Smile


Guess what flashes and lights up in your mouth, and brighten up your smile quite literally. They’re the flashing teeth!

Flash your enhanced smile to friends and watch their eyes sparkle with excitement. A perfect party gear or an added accessory to your Halloween costume or special night in town, these flashing teeth sure are multi-purpose and fun. This battery operated accessory flashes in four different colors, and takes enjoyment to a new level.

Bling is still popular but don’t spend thousands on gold grills.  And don’t stop accessorizing just your clothes with bling. Get the flashing teeth and put some bling in your mouth as well. Be the life (and light) of the party, as you dance with this flashing mouthpiece.


Simply push the middle to turn on the unit and place it in your mouth. The soft rubber unit on the mouth piece would make it comfortable for use, and assure that you have a great time. The rubber unit is enclosed and safe and non-toxic.

The mouthpiece would be the highlight of concerts, Halloween events, social events and dance parties. To get your party started, the batteries are already pre installed in it, just put them in your mouth and there you go, you have that dazzling effect to your mouth. You could accessories this mouth piece with even more bling and lights from our novelty collection.

The flashing teeth are a great gift idea, for your kids, or as party favors. The kids and guests would surely be delighted to get this exciting and different gift which they could use later on. The four different colors would be a happy surprise and would make your night even more colorful.

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