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Make bubbles not war

September 2, 2013 Comments Off on Make bubbles not war

Alas, a way to save your breath and make bubbles.  Introducing the amazing bubble blower.  It’s safe, unique, and loads of fun! Every child at some point of time asks for a toy gun, but some parents might be apprehensive to gift a toy gun to their child. A glow bubble gun might be just the perfect solution for the toy gun dilemma because everyone loves bubbles!

bubble gun

The bubble gun is an instant hit among the kids. The endless bubbles from the gun would be the new favorite toy for your kid and also a fun family activity. Simply squeeze the trigger and enjoy the streaming supply of bubbles!  Really, never run out of breath blowing up those bubbles. With this battery operated gun, you can get hours of fun bubbles! And what’s more, it glows too, making it even more exciting for the kids at night time too.


Your kids might tire from chasing the infinite bubbles, but the gun won’t.  It includes replaceable batteries and uses any common bubble solution.  With fresh batteries and replacement solution the bubble mania will continue. The gun guarantees nonstop bubble fun, for the entire family. It can be a relief for parents looking to keep their kids engaged in fun activities.

The glow bubble gun uses 3 AA batteries, which comes included with the pack. So all you have to do is tear open the box, insert the bubble solution and start aiming.  The 7”bubble gun comes complete providing the glowing effect along with bubbles for hours. It has bright lights inside, which light up and make the gun experience interesting.  Watch this video to see the bubble gun in action.

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