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Secrets to Throwing a Successful Glow Party!

December 21, 2013 Comments Off on Secrets to Throwing a Successful Glow Party!

Secrets. We’re going to reveal our secrets about how to throw an amazing glow party! Read on…

The ongoing craze of theme based parties is increasing day by day. May it be birthday parties or Halloween parties or even Thanksgiving parties, organizers want to make it unique and memorable.  A unique and exciting theme party to consider is a glow party! 



A Glow Party can come in many shapes and sizes but here are the basics.  Following are the things you need to do in order ensure a full-entertaining glow party:

1.      Find a good location:

On the basis of the number of guests invited, choose a suitable venue which would be spacious and where guest would not hurt themselves by cluttering it. Such place can be empty garages, backyards, community centers or a living room.  Take this space and decorate.  Either go with the simple minimalist approach or doll it up to something amazing.  Remember, the star of the night is the glow so minimalism works well.  Virginia Toy and Novelty Company also has an assortment of fiber optic centerpieces that work well with a minimal decoration design glow party.

2.      Glow Stuff:

You cannot make lemonade without lemons. Similarly, you cannot have a glow party without glow in the dark stuff.

Certainly the must have items are a variety of glow.  Glow can be further explained by Glow Sticks or Light Sticks as well as Glow Bracelets and Glow Necklaces.  These three basic minimums should be available in different colors or to compliment your theme (maybe school colors or company colors).  These different glow pieces can be used to adorn guests as well as to mark paths (e.g. to lead guests from outside your place to the backyard) and decorate doorways, surround chairs, tables, and even guide your way to the dessert table.

Certainly you can stop there and just use glow products but why?  There are many battery operated items to consider as additional items as well.  For example, Light Up drinking glasses, light up sunglasses (yes for indoors) are two widely popular items we can suggest.  Both these glasses styles will enhance the party to another level and make great take home party favors.

Following are the glow in the dark toys that are offered by Virginia toy:

3.      Music:

No party is complete without music.  Set the mood immediately as guest arrive… do you want the welcome music to be low key and build up to the excitement of the glow or will it be hardcore Rock, Techno, Dance, Country the whole way through?

4.      Party games:

Parties for guest of all ages are more fun with games.  Plan some simple but entertaining games for your guest with simple and silly prizes.  For the younger audience, hot potato, jump rope, pin the glow on the donkey and all the classics can be adopted to incorporate the glow theme.

Older crowds can be a little more unique in the games.  Regardless of what you decide, games make memorable experiences.  Please share some successful games in our comments section below.

ring5.      Cutlery:

For an amazing and unique twist to your glow party, use our patented Glow Forks, Glow Spoons, and Glow Knives.  WeGlow Ware is cutlery that uses a glow stick for a handle.  After you’re done eating the handles remove to become a glow necklace.  For any glow party, it can be a fabulous idea if you could make your cutlery glow in the dark. Such cutlery and tableware can be found on our website.

26.      Food

Yes, glorious food.Often the highlight of the party.  Create some innovative ideas of decorating and presenting the food.  Consider using food dye and a black light for some interesting experiences.  White frosting on a cake looks exceptionally fun in a black light for example.  That with glowing cutlery is a sure crowd pleaser.  Ordering pizza?  Check with your local shop and ask what designs they can make with pepperoni or vegetables to make it a special delivery.  Ever had a pizza shaped like Mickey Mouse?

With toys, themes, cutlery and accessories, what do you consider as a must have for a glow party? How are you planning your glow party? Post your comments and your photos to our Facebook and blog.


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