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You look so happy you are glowing!

April 4, 2013 Comments Off on You look so happy you are glowing!

Has anyone ever said “you look so happy you are glowing”? Is that even possible?

Glow is one of the most amazing sensations one can experience. It’s always fascinating to see glow; from the good ole days at the roller skating rink or the fireworks shows on July 4th, (not a shameless plug). Glowing things are everywhere. There are living things that glow natural such as a firefly or sea life, such as a jelly fish, in a process called bioluminescence. But, how about people, can they glow like a jelly fish?

Actually yes, humans can glow! Japanese researchers have finally managed to prove the human body’s existence of bioluminescence! “We found that the human body directly and rhythmically emits light”. According to an article by Graeme McMillian, the amount of light we emit, while always staying around a thousand times weaker than the eye can see – changes depending on the time of day, and goes in 24-hour cycles; we are at our brightest in the afternoon, and dimmest in the evening.

So the next time someone says you’re beaming, or “You look so happy you are glowing”, three things should happen:

First, thank them, it’s flattering
Second, marvel in their ability to see 1000x better than the human eye.
And finally continue on your merry way basking in the congruent characteristics of fellow glowing marine life.

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