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Purple Passionate People

March 26, 2013 Comments Off on Purple Passionate People

Purple Passionate People

We’ve gone purple!


What does it mean?

Our Mascot SnapGreat question, read on!  Colors are associated with very important things in the everyday world.  Worldwide, red means stop, green means go, blue is calming.  So we asked ourselves, “What’s our color and what does it mean?”

From the green and gold colors of our retail brand and the festive colors of our products, down to the white walls of our offices and the rainbow hues of our dedicated staff, we quickly realized we didn’t have a coherent scheme or a place to start!  So what’s our color going to be?

After taking a look at the history of the color, we soon realized purple is one of those fascinating colors that holds so much weight around the world.  Being synonymous with imagination, mystery, royalty, an overall sense of good judgment, and it’s just plain fun; it just seemed like the perfect color to align our company with.

Longtime fans and supporters of Virginia Toy and Novelty know that purple is the only color we’ve never used for anything!  Along with the task of Purpling Our Brand, you’ll notice a purpling of the Virginia Toy and Novelty attitude.  Not much has changed; the passion has always been the same, but the next purple message you get, you’ll know what it means for us.  We’ll be irreverent, a little more whimsical and a lot of fun!

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