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Beam Me Up with Alien Night Pops

August 30, 2013 Comments Off on Beam Me Up with Alien Night Pops

Glow + Candy = Fun!

And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Candy is an all time favorite of both, kids and adults. Who wouldn’t like these sweet sugary treats, and what’s more, we have managed to add more fun to it, representing the new lollipop kids!alien


So what’s so great about that you ask? Well the Alien Night Pop candies are not your regular sucker pop! Their enjoyment continues for hours even after you have finished eating them with the inclusive glow bracelet inside the lollipop handle. Anybody who loves eating candy would surely enjoy the alien night pops. You can wear the glowing handles and use them for hours. Also, you can enjoy the spooky alien shaped pops with a glowing handle and then adorn yourself and play for hours.

These pops are not only tempting, but each one is of premium quality made with high end ingredients. The glowing handles are also long lasting and won’t disappoint you with a short life span, up to 8 hours.With a lasting glow and a delicious treat, alien pops would surely make your day, and turn that frown into a smile.


The alien pops are available in 3 fun colors and flavors. You can get them in yummy Orange, Strawberry and Green Apple flavors. The 8.75” alien night pop is available at our website. These alien pops are the perfect party items or special treat. Doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday party, or a regular Friday night family get together, these alien pops would fit right into the theme and make you and your guests delighted with these surprise glowing pops!

And if the night is clear, send secret messages to the aliens with your bracelet and see if they will come have a lollipop with you. Enjoy!


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