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Glow themed wedding!

May 10, 2014 Comments Off on Glow themed wedding!

So it’s the wedding season again. It’s time for all the planning and excitement. Every bride wants her wedding to be special and often refreshing and unique.  Traditional weddings with an elegant décor may seem a bit too clichéd for someone looking for an out of the box wedding.

You may turn to Google for help in your search to finding the perfect wedding theme. But you need not look too far, we have just the right wedding theme; which you and your guest will love and remember for a long time. A glow in the dark wedding!

This unique theme is an exciting wedding idea for couples who want a touch offlair and fun in their special event.You can do something as simple as include light up accessories which the guests can enjoy or really make is remarkable and unique. Glow-themed weddings may include glow-in-the-dark decorations, flashing wedding accessories and even glowing food.

Here are some ideas you can use to at glow in the dark party.


Decorations make the foundation of your glow in the dark wedding. From glow stick chandeliers to glowing cutlery, you can also include light up table centerpieces. All these will give a spectacular effect to your special day. Lights under the table will also give a beautiful glow to the table. Instead of using just balloons, put a glow stick in the balloons so that they will have the glowing effect. Take a look at our light up and glowing decorations and you will have a wide variety to choose from, <a href=””></a>


Wedding accessories

Add some glow to your wedding ensemble as well. You can use glow in the dark necklace, bracelets and hand them out to your guests as well and let them be a part of your celebration.  Instead of sparklers for a farewell, use glow sticks! With so many colors in glow sticks to choose from, you can color co ordinate the glow or have a colorful farewell. Most importantly this would be a safer option, without any sparks or flames flying around on your special day.



Food is an important highlight of every wedding. And when it served in glowing cutlery, the guests will be impressed even more. Don’t forget to add the glow in the dark accessories to the cake as well, it will add to the beauty of the cake.  Make the serving area interesting with light up accessories.


With glow in the dark theme, lighting is a primary issue. Make the lighting dim, so that you can enjoy the glow. Alternatively you can consider a short period of your wedding dark, like walking down the aisle or the wedding dance. But in making the theme of the party perfect, don’t forget the convenience of your guests. Add lights to the seating area, where you guest would be able to find their place easily and elderly people don’t have any difficulty.

Enjoy this different kind of wedding theme, and tell us your ideas on how to add more glow to these weddings and please share pictures on our Facebook page too!

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