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Party Right This Summer

July 17, 2014 Comments Off on Party Right This Summer



Summer is the season for outdoor parties and barbecues. It’s a time to let go of your worries and celebrate with friends and family. It’s the official season of “party!” So if you throw a summer party make sure your party is nothing less than EPIC! We’re here to make your party memorable and help you try something new this summer!

Well, we can’t help you get good food…or all the alcohol. And we don’t really know how book the perfect DJ who knows how to kick start the dancing. But we have other things you can use to spark your party … you just need to add something fun.

If your party really starts to get going when the lights go down, why not start with some WeGlow party lightsticks? Once that DJ get rocking, how about breaking out some our sound activated novelties foam baton or light up bracelets. Add little bling to the table with glowing drink ware and tableware. Virginia toys have got wide range of glowing cutlery, drink ware & accessories. You cold decorate the scene with colorful paper lanterns to get a soothing and pleasant ambiance.

Why not go all out with glow theme party? You don’t have to limit the glow to tableware – get sunglasses that glow in the dark & top them with cute glowing necklaces and rings. Add string lights to make the party even funky! Give your summer party a glow theme and your party is all set to be the best summer party your friends have been to.

 Have a wonderful summer. 

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