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Virginia Beach: Most Patriotic City in USA recently declared the City of Virginia Beach as the most patriotic & here’s why – “Residents in Virginia Beach ordered more America-themed flags from the company’s Patio, Lawn & Garden Store between Jan.1 and June 24, per capita, in [...]

August 1, 2014 Interesting things

Party Right This Summer


July 17, 2014 Interesting things

Glow themed wedding!

So it’s the wedding season again. It’s time for all the planning and excitement. Every bride wants her wedding to be special and often refreshing and unique.  Traditional weddings with an elegant décor may seem a bit too clichéd for [...]

May 10, 2014 Interesting things
How Fireworks works

How Fireworks Work

One world, so many cultures, but the traditional way to celebrate happiness is common in many countries. Fireworks is one of the ways and any celebration is incomplete without them! British people celebrate the victory of their favorite football team [...]

April 30, 2014 Did you know?, Interesting things

Upcoming Blockbusters of Summer 2014

Every year, some of the hottest movies are released during summertime and many of these movies go on to become blockbusters. Blockbusters make and break records and toy franchises based on those blockbusters flood the market. So, let us have [...]

April 21, 2014 Interesting things
carnival img

Carnival Time!

It’s that time of the year, where even adults can become kids again! Carnivals have been a part of the American tradition and a part of everyone’s childhood for the past many years. It represents happiness, and celebration and its [...]

March 25, 2014 Interesting things
feature easter

Easter and the cute fuzzy bunnies

Easter is the celebration of the end of death, and rebirth of Jesus Christ. Unlike other holidays, Easter has been known as a movable holiday, as it doesn’t fall on a set date but is observed anywhere between March 22 [...]

February 11, 2014 Interesting things
feature image

The Awesome Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a celebration, festivity where the all are invited to share and experience the joys in life. Originated in 1810, Oktoberfest was originally a party for the royal wedding in Munich. But the celebration took to the streets and [...]

October 16, 2013 Interesting things

10 Free Halloween Events

The haunt industry has grown substantially since it began in the late 1960’s.  It’s estimated that each year 12,000,000 visitors attend over 2,000 attractions.  Why?  1) It’s just fun to be scared.  2) Usually a good night of fun for [...]

October 15, 2012 Interesting things